How much do dentists make on average in Canada

Dentistry is one of the best and professional fields of medicine. A dentist is basically a professional who deals with your oral care and treats all your oral infections and diseases. The field of dentistry is very wide. There are a large number of degrees and specializations present within the package of dentistry. Try to choose that field which is common and has a handsome amount of salary range. The salary of every dentist working in Canada is based on the type of specialization he has attained. Canada is known as one of the hubs for dentistry. A large number of international students visit Canada for attending various dentistry schools from all over the world. Once you become a dentist here, the salary of a dentist varies. The salaries are basically dependent on various different factors like

  • Location where you are working
  • Geographical factors of the respective area
  • Load of work, your organization has provided you
  • Number of hours you are giving to your work
  • Period of practicing you spent in various hospitals
  • The most important is your specialty area

According to records, it has been seen that a dentist working private in Canada earns a big percentage as compared to the one working in a public sector. In fact the sector where a dentist works determines the salary range. The dentists working in a Canadian public sector are charged after a whole month on fixed salary ranges whereas the dentists working in private sectors charge up as per their working hours. Your high distinctions and high qualifications contribute a lot to your salary range. It plays the elementary role in becoming a good dentist. It is natural every good dentist earns more than a normal dentist. In Canada, every dentist should complete an experience period of 2 – 4 years. The experience will gain him standards and more conceptual elements regarding the field.


What is the salary ranges of a Canadian dentist?

The average salary of Canadian based dentist is from 98,820 CAD to 599,522 CAD per annual year. The dentists working in private firms earns from 56.46 CAD to 342.59 CAD per hour. It has been recorded that normal median dentist earns an approximate amount of 171,292 CAD per year working in public sectors whereas the median and normal dentists working in private firms earn about 97.88 CAD per hour. The highest salary that a dentist can achieve in Canada is 599,000 CAD per month. On contrary, the lowest salary of a Canadian dentist is 999,000 CAD per annual year. Hence the salary range of a Canadian dentist is totally dependent on experience, location he is working, practicing period, work load and the number of hours he is giving to his organization. More experience and qualification will earn him a big amount of salary.



Every dentist working in Canada should complete an experience period of 2 – 4 years. This is mandatory because it is the requirement for passing your Dental Admission Test (DAT). This test is necessary for every dentist. On passing it, the dentist gets an accreditation and recognition. Students should work in different hospitals for about 4 – 5 years. This will earn them a DDS or DMD degree and a license for practicing at various places. For becoming a successful dentist, you must complete all the above mentioned requirements. The more competent you are, the more you will earn in this profession of dentistry. It all depends upon the efforts you are putting in for earning a handsome salary range in this field of medicine.




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